Monday, December 8, 2008

On Saturday, Lucy had her birthday party at Bounce "U" and there were over twenty kids and lots of moms there to participate in the fun! Lucy had so much fun bouncing with her friends! It was especially wonderful, because Marry, Kaia and Beckett were able to come and good luck brought Melanie, Meili and Lili to Utah at just the right time! There were six kids adopted from China, one adopted from the U.S., a friend who just moved here from Israel and speaks Hebrew, Lucy's friend from school who had cleft surgery the same day as Abbie...and many, many other special friends she had made at Kindercare. It was a day the little "princess" is sure to never forget! Marry and Melanie - I love you both! Thank you for making the day special for me too! (Michelle, your fabulous panda cake was a HUGE hit with the kids! :)

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Riverdruid said...

Love you too Tracie! We all had a great time. One day I'm going to conquer that webbing tower!